October 2022

Shingles-vaccine_1col.jpgNew study confirms safety of shingles vaccine

KPWHRI researchers analyzed data from more than 640,000 vaccine doses to understand risk of severe reactions.


Flu-VE-study_1col.jpgKPWHRI begins new phase of flu surveillance

KPWHRI receives $10 million to continue vaccine effectiveness research for flu, COVID-19, and other respiratory diseases.


Malaria-vaccine_1col.jpgGene-edited malaria vaccine warrants further study

Encouraging immune-response and safety data emerge from preliminary human test of genetically attenuated parasite vaccine.

Annie-Hoopes_Clinic_1col.jpgPatient-centered perspectives on teen mental health

Annie Hoopes, MD, MPH, shares insights from an ACT Center study on integrating adolescent mental health in primary care.




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